Saeid Asadi
Research Student, 2004 -
School of ITEE, The University of Queensland, Australia
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Room 626
School of ITEE
The University of    Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4072


Welcome to my personal homepage. I am a
PhD student in Information Technology. I have studied in the field of Library and Information Science and have worked as a librarian for several years. Here you can find my Profile and publications as well as my hobbies and interests (here).  I come from Borujerd (or Borugerd), a beautiful city in Zagros Mountains of Iran. So, I have added some links about this area. You are welcome to  [see] or [sign] my Guesbook or send an email to me. Furthermore, maybe you are interested to see hundreds of hot links about Iran and Persian websites. So, here we go...    

What's new?
2 Nov 2005 My paper in WAIM'05 entitled as "Searching the World Wide Web for local services and facilities: A review on the patterns of location-based queries" is available from here
15 Oct 2005

The 5th issue of Webology is now available. Webology is an international open access journal in the field of World Wide Web as well as Library and Information Science. It covers both traditional and Web-based features of information storage and retrieval. The second issue has focused on Web search. Webology is available at:



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